AirBnB | Aloft – The sharing/caring economy

As I write this, I am sitting on the edge of my bed listening to my older brother snore. We’re both crashing at our parents’ home in Bronx, NY. I initially planned to spend a couple of weeks, but the more I think about where things stand, with my finances, mental state and goals, I […]

Hosting Choices

Hosting Choices Decision Yesterday I considered and initiated my migration to AWS. I’ve focused primarily on Microsoft technologies and Azure has worked very well in the past.   History I have used Heroku (Scrabble stuff) GAE (Scrabble Stuff)   I think I really like Scrabble.   I really like stability and consistency too. In that, […]

Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom Words fail me at times. You will tell me that they don’t fail me, it’s others that misunderstand. You’ve always trusted me, even when I didn’t trust myself. You taught me so much and it feels like a debt I will never repay, but you’ve never expected me to. Teacher You’ve taught […]

It is what it is

It is what it is. I’ve heard that so often that I need to just be. The truth of everything is that it is what it always is and no perception makes it not so. I wrote an article that I recently edited to change the tone. When people don’t know and choose not to […]

I have everything I need. Right here. Right Now.

  I can’t share everything I have or know. I am not scared to, I just know that it may not be time. I’ve literally shared things with people that TRANSFORMED my life and the conversation would continue to flow around where I am and what I need to do to be the ME they […]

Hacker Cup Python Power Up

I wouldn’t say I’m a python expert by any stretch of the imagination. When the time came to stand up and be counted for python-related lightning talks though, I couldn’t resist. Whenever the Facebook Hacker Cup comes around, and I happen to not miss it, I pull for trusty old python. It’s a scripting language, […]

OWLS League – Scrabble Tournament Assistant v2

Today, May 10, 2015, I started writing the owls league, the next iteration of the scrabble tournament assistant. While it will help with the game I love dearly, It is also a part of my journey to cleaner code. I wrote about this before here. This blog post will be a journal of interesting activities […]

R at Work

I like using things I’m learning to get actual work done. Theoretical knowledge can only go so far; Sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty. I’m doing R Programming as a part of a series of  Data Science courses on Coursera. Now, whenever Isee anything that mentions data, I start thinking in R. The other […]

FizzBuzz with Linq

I was reviewing potential interview questions and one intrigued me. The question was to provide an  alternate way to do FizzBuzz. I had previously done the straightforward loop method and pondered on it for a while. While washing our car, I had an inspired thought that I could easily do it  with Linq. I eventually came […]

My Resume in JSON

A few days ago I decided to redo my resume. I decided to head over to hacker news to see if I could find a cool hacker way to get it done. As my wife “The Irie Happy Vegan” would say, I needed to find a bulldozer to kill this fly. I saw a post […]

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