Cleaner Code, Lighter Load

I promised that the Code Room would be seeing some love this year. I intend to walk through a few languages [A-Z] to learn more about the languages myself identify common traits and differences keep the Code Room¬†alive. remind myself who I once was and will forever be. (recursion_man) share my journey with my millions […]

Committment to Consistently Code

The Code Room has been in existence for quite some time. It was intended to be, as the headline stated, “A code snippet archive, how-i-did-its, some corny jokes and a look into the mind of recursion. I prefer lines of code to lines of blog text so this ride might be a little wild. Just […]

MCSD in 2015

I have been writing code for a little while. Long enough to know enough about what I’m doing but there are some unacceptable gaps (thanks for the help stackoverflow and google). This year I’d love to close some of those gaps and the plan is to CERTIFY. If I study and practice enough to pass […]

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