My Resume in JSON

A few days ago I decided to redo my resume. I decided to head over to hacker news to see if I could find a cool hacker way to get it done. As my wife “The Irie Happy Vegan” would say, I needed to find a bulldozer to kill this fly. I saw a post that I had come across before about jsonresume.  I decided to take it for a spin and thought it was pretty neat.

Well, here is the JSON repo:
Elegant theme:
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I decided to play around with Camtasia a little bit and figured this was a great thing to talk about and a good time to talk about it.

So, here is my quick and fairly clean review of jsonresume.


  • Hi Dale,

    I really like your idea about JSON resume! Awsome!

    I’m including you in my blog feed and when approperiate I will include your posts with backtracks in my Weekly Best QA/Programming Articles Round-up Series.


    • Dale Ross

      Thanks Anton! Automation is a big part of what I do, or love to do so I’ll be sure to drop by your blog as well.

  • Kevin O’Shaughnessy

    That’s a very easy way to get a professional resume out to the world. I’m impressed!

  • I like this idea. Separate the resume data from the presentation layer. Thanks for leading me to this site.

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