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As I write this, I am sitting on the edge of my bed listening to my older brother snore. We’re both crashing at our parents’ home in Bronx, NY. I initially planned to spend a couple of weeks, but the more I think about where things stand, with my finances, mental state and goals, I might be here a while. Just a few nights ago, I was in an AirBnB location, jobless (by choice) and not 100% sure of what the next step would be.

My boss at Zero Chaos, on my last day, told me to listen to “Empire State of Mind” as soon as a landed. Technically, I drove into NY, in my sisters car while she held on for dear life. I think I finally realized why I have such a fascination with Germany. I want to go 314 mph on the AutoBahn!!

This was the end state though, so let’s rewind to the beginning of the end. After 5.4+ years, my wife and I are trying a new thing. Neither of us knows definitely what the future holds and there is, mostly, nothing but admiration and awe of the tremendous potential that exists individually in each of us. Dajen Eats is the business! (Irie Cream, Irie On The Go, Exclusively Irie).

At the end of it, we decided she’d keep the apartment and the dogs and I, being a bad ass software engineer, would get something new, somewhere. With my amazing life skills I ended up on the most amazing ride which led me to paragraph 1.

In the early days there was the whole Aloft experience where I had money, my sister had money but a physical card was not present to book a room. [This was after the whole incident at ZC where I apparently said too much to someone and made them uncomfortable. I still find it confounding that, while uncomfortable, the individual still chose to give their full, easily searchable name. Had I actually been a predator, that bit of info would potentially be dangerous. I accept that I was only on one end of the conversation and that I cannot decide on another’s discomfort.]  All this happened because I was holding out on a specific AirBnB and it didn’t work out. I even did the whole “AirBnB-ing while black” thing to resolve the lack of a response in my mind. Apparently, however, there was an event that weekend and I just chose the wrong time to be “homeless”.

I then had the most amazing journey through the mean streets of Orlando, making friends with the most nefario…..lies. I then got to meet an array of beautiful souls, who when combined, showed me that there is indeed love in the world.

AirBnB House 1 –
Host: Keith
Things were great here and I found true brothers that will have a lasting impact. I also met Germans, an Argentinian, a Czech, and more I’m sure. There was a downside but that I will handle and not mention anything further. Keith, EW and TJ, respect!

AirBnB  House 2 –
Host: Jessie (the motivation for this post)
She had Germany in her profile, I needed to learn more. Cost-wise this was comparative to Keith’s pad but with improved security to protect against what took place somewhere else. Once I got in, I knew it would be good, just not as freakishly amazing as it got. I vibe on co-incidences  and synchronicity and they were just everywhere!

1. We share a birthday!

2. The Alchemist CDs where order 3,1, then 4.
3.  Both her and my french friend have been to Chiang Mai where I hope to be for Ambit one day
4.  So much more!!!

Then there were her bookshelves.

books books


Her willingness to ensure the needs of guests were met












The cool art – That she just “threw together :)”



The amazing guests including about 73% Asians (61% Chinese) [Those are made up stats based on guesswork, I didn’t count the people, that would be weird.].  I was even invited to join an amazing couple and their friends for a night I’ll never forget.

Then Jamie herself, who made me feel all tingly inside, not in the way that would be assumed by such a sentiment but in a way I only feel when things are going right (universally speaking). I cannot confirm or deny if she also made me consider proposing on day 1, because that would be weird.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t always take cash to care. For Aloft it does, with the physical card present and I couldn’t stay in the lounge for too long, because “loitering”. However, Jamie cared and let me crash on her couch my last few nights when my cash was way in the red thanks to a big heart and delusions of an infinite money bag.



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