I have everything I need. Right here. Right Now.


The age it all came together


I can’t share everything I have or know. I am not scared to, I just know that it may not be time. I’ve literally shared things with people that TRANSFORMED my life and the conversation would continue to flow around where I am and what I need to do to be the ME they think I need to be.

So maybe I need to pay attention. To some degree I could say I’m doing amazingly well. I am, once again, with my parents in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s really nothing you can’t do here, it’s AMAZING.

What I keep ranting these days, is that that is also true wherever you are. I keep talking on Instagram about being in the here and now. “Live in the moment”, Dale says. “Understand you have all you need TODAY wherever you are in the word”, I roar with such passion it could awaken Lazarus. I kept missing it though. I was dishing it out and I wouldn’t eat it.

I have everything I need where I am, right now. I could have fixed things a long time ago, had I realized this truth. The upside to the delay in “fixing” things is that I continued searching for ways to do it perfectly, that I made amazing friends, found amazing tools and resources and am now in a position to accept that have been OK, for some time now.

Here is what I do have.
1. An opportunity to work for a company that pays well from New York, a company that I’ve longed to work for years, and that I use their products daily.
2. Paid for courses and resources from the days I actually had more than $0 in my account.
3. 10+ opportunities in Orlando, where I actually wanted to be and could still be if I play my cards right.
4. A wife who still believes in me, even though she’s done.
5. The confidence to believe I’ll be OK wherever 4.) leads.
6.  My own company, a team who are committed to the dream I shared, and a client willing to pay.
7.  Friends and family who remind me I’m immensely blessed.
8.  Multiple individuals with their own businesses willing to partner for additional sources of income
9.  Membership in Slack Channels that keep sharing cool/next level content. Online Geniuses is pretty badass.
10. An ability to use my words to inspire and uplift.
11. An open mind with sufficient self awareness to try and decide for myself if something is valuable.

Here’s a bit more about where I am these days
Here’s a nice video I watch. It’s 31:41 minutes long.

Here’s something that I’ve used but have been slightly conflicted about given my roots.

I do yoga when I can, but I still have lots to learn. I have gym aspirations and I’ve enjoyed working out when in New York with The Rise NYC. Whenever I make it back to Orlando I should be getting ripped with a member of my dream team, Jonathan Martinez.

In closing, I really have nothing to worry about.

Here’s what I’ve done. http://resume.dalevross.com
Here’s it in a story. http://stackoverflow.com/story/dalevross
Here’s a highlight reel of where I’ve been. http://tinyurl.com/tldr-pi
Here’s something I’m working on http://tinyurl.com/vboard-demo1
I’ll be writing more but, this is where I am.

I AM THAT dude, I AM.


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