Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom


Perfect Fan

Words fail me at times. You will tell me that they don’t fail me, it’s others that misunderstand. You’ve always trusted me, even when I didn’t trust myself. You taught me so much and it feels like a debt I will never repay, but you’ve never expected me to.

You’ve taught many, who’ve taught many. From Glenmuir Preparatory to May Pen Unit Class For the Deaf.
I think your greatest lessons were taught at home wherever that happened to be, and however far we were apart physically. Your love for your students was legendary, your love for your children unmatchable. We weren’t easy to deal with but you taught us lessons that will never leave us. Never have I met another who could instill fear with only a look. Not just any look, but THE look.


You are Mrs. Ross. You are still Mrs. Ross. 42 years? Wow! Just wow. If you could do it, I’m pretty sure we can all do it, once we find the right one. May we all learn to be like you and Brev. aka “hehe”. Thank you for being there and helping daddy, side-by-side.


Six times. Thank you for never giving up on any of us.

Ross Kids

Ross Kids


And here in the U.S. of A.,  you took care of many who will forever remember you because you gave it your all. You stood firm on your principles, took no shortcuts and loved all, regardless of what may have been thrown your way.


Some say life runs on code so I’ll say you’re running pretty efficiently. Hardly any leaks at runtime, and so far every class I’ve implemented using your interface and best practices for development have worked according to specification. Something tells me we’ll be OK. I don’t know why. I just can’t see why not.
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