Hosting Choices

Hosting Choices


Yesterday I considered and initiated my migration to AWS. I’ve focused primarily on Microsoft technologies and Azure has worked very well in the past.



I have used Heroku (Scrabble stuff)
GAE (Scrabble Stuff)
I think I really like Scrabble.
I really like stability and consistency too. In that, I’ve failed somewhat at different stages and phases in life and now I see it a little more vividly, all things considered.
The feature shock in AWS initially made me a little cross-eyed as I hadn’t looked in a little while.
There is a LOT of options out there to get ANYTHING done. Don’t try to do it alone, and don’t try to force everyone to do it like you. 
It took a lot of effort to get things so clear and I know the journey on that front won’t get easier. What I do know however is that I am not alone and now I have an amazing set of friends to help with completing the mission.


It was a pleasure talking to Charlie, from Amazon, yesterday, to clear up an authentication issue I had due to changing phones. It was a simple phone call but in the past, I chose to stick with what wasn’t broken when the “market recommendation” became more of a hindrance than true growth.

Going forward

I’ll potentially be sticking with Azure for the time being given the time invested and the quality of the products I’ve used so far. Ease-of-use is good, but I like going with what aligns with the way I work, which is slightly different.


I’m forever thankful for all the investments made in my life thus far and I will make it my mission to repay in any way that I can.

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