Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom Words fail me at times. You will tell me that they don’t fail me, it’s others that misunderstand. You’ve always trusted me, even when I didn’t trust myself. You taught me so much and it feels like a debt I will never repay, but you’ve never expected me to. Teacher You’ve taught […]

FizzBuzz with Linq

I was reviewing potential interview questions and one intrigued me. The question was to provide an  alternate way to do FizzBuzz. I had previously done the straightforward loop method and pondered on it for a while. While washing our car, I had an inspired thought that I could easily do it  with Linq. I eventually came […]

The Scrabble Tournament Assistant – BEFORE

In my last blog post, I promised to journal my attempt at cleaning up some code I wrote to make maintaining it a much easier task. The application I mentioned was called, at least by me, the Scrabble Tournament Assistant. Prior to writing the application, I had been asked to help with moderating duties. These duties […]

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