Hacker Cup Python Power Up

I wouldn’t say I’m a python expert by any stretch of the imagination. When the time came to stand up and be counted for python-related lightning talks though, I couldn’t resist. Whenever the Facebook Hacker Cup comes around, and I happen to not miss it, I pull for trusty old python. It’s a scripting language, […]

FizzBuzz with Linq

I was reviewing potential interview questions and one intrigued me. The question was to provide an  alternate way to do FizzBuzz. I had previously done the straightforward loop method and pondered on it for a while. While washing our car, I had an inspired thought that I could easily do it  with Linq. I eventually came […]

I love pi, I do. All infinity digits, no wait…infinity and 1

I needed to get this party started, so why not do it with a little pi loving. I’m not a die-hard pi-thusiast. I’m just a nerd who thinks that I’m the one (who knocks?) who ended up with this irrational love for a sequence of digits. Maybe it is the fact that it is the […]

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