Hosting Choices

Hosting Choices Decision Yesterday I considered and initiated my migration to AWS. I’ve focused primarily on Microsoft technologies and Azure has worked very well in the past.   History I have used Heroku (Scrabble stuff) GAE (Scrabble Stuff)   I think I really like Scrabble.   I really like stability and consistency too. In that, […]

Hacker Cup Python Power Up

I wouldn’t say I’m a python expert by any stretch of the imagination. When the time came to stand up and be counted for python-related lightning talks though, I couldn’t resist. Whenever the Facebook Hacker Cup comes around, and I happen to not miss it, I pull for trusty old python. It’s a scripting language, […]

OWLS League – Scrabble Tournament Assistant v2

Today, May 10, 2015, I started writing the owls league, the next iteration of the scrabble tournament assistant. While it will help with the game I love dearly, It is also a part of my journey to cleaner code. I wrote about this before here. This blog post will be a journal of interesting activities […]

MCSD in 2015

I have been writing code for a little while. Long enough to know enough about what I’m doing but there are some unacceptable gaps (thanks for the help stackoverflow and google). This year I’d love to close some of those gaps and the plan is to CERTIFY. If I study and practice enough to pass […]

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