The Scrabble Tournament Assistant – BEFORE

In my last blog post, I promised to journal my attempt at cleaning up some code I wrote to make maintaining it a much easier task. The application I mentioned was called, at least by me, the Scrabble Tournament Assistant. Prior to writing the application, I had been asked to help with moderating duties. These duties […]

Cleaner Code, Lighter Load

I promised that the Code Room would be seeing some love this year. I intend to walk through a few languages [A-Z] to learn more about the languages myself identify common traits and differences keep the Code Room alive. remind myself who I once was and will forever be. (recursion_man) share my journey with my millions […]

Committment to Consistently Code

The Code Room has been in existence for quite some time. It was intended to be, as the headline stated, “A code snippet archive, how-i-did-its, some corny jokes and a look into the mind of recursion. I prefer lines of code to lines of blog text so this ride might be a little wild. Just […]

MCSD in 2015

I have been writing code for a little while. Long enough to know enough about what I’m doing but there are some unacceptable gaps (thanks for the help stackoverflow and google). This year I’d love to close some of those gaps and the plan is to CERTIFY. If I study and practice enough to pass […]

List<awesome> BucketList

1. Build a Robot 2. Develop a Game 3. Become Proficient with 3D Animation 4. Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson 5. Talk with Elon Musk on another planet 🙂 6. Understand Quantum Mechanics 7. Make one major discovery

Converting Twitter Links To Follow Buttons

Forgive the rushed nature of this post as I’m taking a short break to do it So I saw this and decided why not follow them. We’ll be there too, right? Woah! 70 repeated click,navigate and follow instances. There must be a better way. Before           So, I did a quick search […]

Embedding Facebook Post plus TFS and ALM Guidance

I saw an article via, I think, about embedding Facebook posts in your website. Well today I had my chance to test it out while sharing some content that I’ll definitely use personally. I’ve been on a mission to try to improve the quality of the work I do and this I’m sure will […]

Key Value Pair Service on Google App Engine

I had the need to include in-game dictionaries for an online game I was enhancing through a Google Chrome Extension. When I decided to look for a simple key value pair service to load the dictionaries, I assumed I’d find loads of examples or some stable implementation that I could leverage. I found one service […]

When jQuery met Wikipedia for a game of Scrabble

I needed to obtain a JSON object containing the tile values on scrabble tiles for a project I took on. This was across 8 dictionaries (6 languages). The problem was, I couldn’t  find a good source for the required data. I have since found a far easier way to obtain the data but it was […]

I love pi, I do. All infinity digits, no wait…infinity and 1

I needed to get this party started, so why not do it with a little pi loving. I’m not a die-hard pi-thusiast. I’m just a nerd who thinks that I’m the one (who knocks?) who ended up with this irrational love for a sequence of digits. Maybe it is the fact that it is the […]

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